This morning Chris Kukulski was in for our weekly visit and we talked about the proposed budget for the new fiscal year.

But the big thing hanging over the city's head is the $3 million dollar settlement Bozeman has to pay for because of a botched up purchase of the Mandeville Farm property.

Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority, or MMIA, paid a developer $3 million last year for a lawsuit the City of Bozeman lost against him back in 2003 regarding the sale of the Mandeville property.

A Lewis and Clark county judge determined that the city was responsible for repaying MMIA all $3 million, none of which the city had in their 2012 budget, or the proposed 2013 fiscal year budget.

A caller said to Chris that his comment that the city never had it's day in court, was totally off base and needs to make it right and move on. The caller was in Pt 2 of the interview.

Chris Pt 1

Chris Pt 2

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