Something must happen to a sane person when they have kids. They don't think straight. They worry about everything. Kids can't go out and play, they need a "play date." Before little Johnny or Janie can ride a bicycle they must were a space suit. Well, it's not actually a space suit but a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads; it's crazy. Let kids be kids.

When I heard about this story and read about it in the Bozeman Chronicle, I talked about it. And all of my listeners seem to agree with me. Let kid's be kids.

It was reported that Emily Dickinson Elementary School needed $100,000 to built a play fort for the kids. I looked at the pictures of this playground. It looked better than my home in New York City. For $100,000 you could build a house. I was amazed the people of Bozeman were raising money and don't to seem to understand what a kid really needs to have fun.

The headline from the Chronicle today read: "Volunteers Building Kids’ Fort at Emily Dickinson School."

This "fort," according to the story, will have "a variety of towers, slides, a climbing wall and a short zip-line. Kids at the school had the chance to say what they’d like to see in the structure... This will provide a lot more places for kids to play."

A zip-line? A climbing wall? This is a big waste of money by people who think they are being good parents.

Maybe because I don't have kids, I can see the truth. Parents, leave your kids alone. They don't need a $100,000 play fort.

Put them in a playground with grass and an area of dirt that you can add water to and make mud. Let the kids get dirty and make mud pies. Get some empty boxes, big ones, like the ones you get that a refrigerator comes in, and put them in the grass. A rock climbing wall? No, put a big tree right in the middle of the playground. What's more natural than a kid hugging and climbing a tree? You'd rather have a plastic rock climbing wall? No, I say.

I could have made a better playground fort that kids would love and saved $90,000.

Parents, let your kids be kids. Just open the door and let them go out and play.



(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


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