Australian authorities plan to seek the extradition of Paul Douglas Peters, who is accused of strapping a suspicious device around the neck of a Sydney teenager earlier this month.

On Aug. 3, Madeleine Pulver, 18, was studying in her suburban Sydney home when a man entered wearing a multi-colored ski mask while carrying a black baseball bat. The intruder then placed a suspected bomb and ransom note around the girl’s neck. It took authorities 10 hours to safely remove the device, which turned out to be fake.

Five days after the incident, Peters flew to the US. The 50-year-old businessman is said to have been ”surprised” when an FBI SWAT team and Australian law enforcement officers arrested him on Aug. 15 at his ex-wife’s home near Louisville, Ky. Police said they have no other suspects in the case.

The extradition process could take up to two months. Once it is approved, Peters will face kidnapping and breaking-and-entering charges in Australia.


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