On Dominick In The Morning, Megan Cummings and Mary Hally from the Big Brothers Big Sisters stopped by to talk about a fundraising event they are involved in. The event is called Bowling for Kids' Sake.

Bowling for Kids' Sake is looking for people to bowl to raise money. Megan and Mary explained that it's really a fun way for someone to have fun bowling and help kids who need a "bro" or a "sis."

They talked about how Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs kids with a older people. It takes an 18-month commitment from the adult. Once a week you spent time with child. Maybe go to a ball game, movie, on a drive or just talk. Just being there for a kid could change their whole life.

If you don't have the time to mentor a kid, at least you can go Bowling for Kids' Sake.

Montana's Big Brother Big Sister program has also changes with the times. They do not discriminate against sexual orientation, race, religion - all they want is someone who wants to help a kid. Also, don't let the name fool you, a boy could have a female big sister instead of a big brother if they want.



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