What are we number two for... asthma. According to ALEN Pure Air For Life, we are one of the top 15 best collage towns for students with asthma, two for people who have breathing problems.

Using data from BestCollegeReviews.org and BestPlaces.net, ALEN began researching air quality in college towns

For students who have problems breathing, looking at colleges across America, Bozeman might be the right fit.

I went to college in Las Vegas, The University of Nevada (UNLV), and the number of all-you-can-eat buffets in that town made it very appealing.

ALEN Pure Air For Life points out:

"Applying to college is hard as it is. Students have multiple criteria to judge when picking their ideal college and the option to breathe should simply put, not be one of them. We hope our list will take some of the stress off of the application process."

I know at this time young people are hit with all sorts of college lists:

So it could have been worse. MSU could have been voted one of the top colleges for people who spit on the ground. I am happy with being number two for people who like breathing.


Photo by Erin Schattauer
Photo by Erin Schattauer

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