So, as far as World War II goes, and the killing of six million Jews, I thought I knew all about it. I also know of millions of other people who were also killed by the Germans  - handicapped people, homosexuals, gypsies, communists and others were rounded up and sent to concentration caps.

I had heard the stories in school about the skin of Jews being used for soap and lamp shades. So I thought I understood the Holocaust. I didn't see any reason to go to a Holocaust museum.

A few years ago, I was doing my morning show in Houston, Texas. After the show, I had the rest of the day to kill. Driving, looking around the city, I turned the corner and there it was - Houston had a Holocaust museum. Well, maybe a fast in and out. I mean, I know the terrible story. Museums like this were not for people like me,

I grew up in New York City, which has a good size Jewish community, spent most of my life in Hollywood, again another large Jewish community. I went to my friend's bar mitzvah. I had Jewish roommates. I considered myself almost a Jew. But I was here. I had some time. I went into the Holocaust museum.

I was there over three hours to see pictures, notes, glasses of people who were killed, hear the stories of people who were tortured, had experimental surgeries, some while awake... Stop.

I was crying. It hit me so hard. How could there be such hate? How could one human do this to another human?

That afternoon changed my life.

When I heard Bozeman was raising money for a Holocaust museum, I was very happy. If people could experience what I experienced it could be life changing. I saw an interview on the local news. I talked to a local rabbi about the project, a few prominent Jews. Most saw this as a good thing for our town. Some worried it might be a second-rate Holocaust museum. The majority said yes, it would be a good thing for Bozeman. A very small number thought it was a mistake and the Holocaust museum group would not be able to raise the funds.

For my two cents, I hope they do get the money, it would be an honor to have a Holocaust museum in Bozeman.


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