Tuesday, on "Dominick In The Morning" we will be talking all things Montana State University, MSU. The reason? On Wednesday over 4,000 MSU students will be moving into the university housing. It's a big day.

What does it mean every year when MSU fills up? I am told Bozeman changes a little. We become a little younger, a little hipper, and maybe the IQ of the city goes up. Again, there are certain residents who complain, saying MSU is too liberal and progressive and that's a bad thing for Bozeman.

We are an odd mix, a conservative city and state, which as some would complain, is becoming too progressive.  And people who worry about "bad" things happening here, change in thinking could ruin our city and state. Will we become another California?

MSU officials are saying we are increasing the number of out-of-state students. That's a good thing, because if the university only had Montana students, the cost we be to too high for them. Locals pay less than students from other states. The inflow of people from places like New Jersey, Colorado,  etc. are picking up the bill for us.

Sports, theater, media, agriculture, political movements - we get all that and more from MSU. So this Tuesday, the day before we are "invaded" by young fresh minds looking to change the world, "Dominick In The Morning" will be all things MSU. Live phone calls, texts, emails - it is your chance to ask and find out about MSU and how it may affect Bozeman.



Bobcat Fest 2013MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

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