It's no surprise to anyone that Bozeman is growing. But it's not only Bozeman, it's the entire state. With reports of increased rent in many "small" towns throughout the state. Do people like it? Not so much.

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash
Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

The once quiet, remote towns of Montana are increasing in population, housing, and small businesses. I'll be honest, some of the small businesses are nice to have.

We often blame out-of-staters for the increase in everything it seems, but for some Montana residents, this "starting your own business" thing, is helping their family stay afloat.

Photo by on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash

Bozeman has been ranked as 2022's, 3rd Best Small City to Start a Business In, according to Wallethub. When a city is smaller it may have more opportunities for your start-up, as you most likely will not have as much competition, or there is not enough of your trade, in that area to keep up with demand.

As a small business owner myself, I can say that many people have been grateful for my services. Why did I choose to start it here in Montana? For a couple of reasons:

1. The cost of living is ridiculous and only continuing to increase

2. It seems like a lot of these bigger businesses that have come into the community have forgotten about the "regular people", the people that just need to have a little work done. I run into it all the time, "we can't find someone to do a small job, if we are not spending $10k, they won't even call us back".

If you could start a small business in Bozeman, what would it be? What are we lacking with all of this growth? Or do you think that we have what we need and people just need to stop, already?

Source: WalletHub

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