(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Don’t we already live in our own reality? Could your life be a TV show? Would you want the world to know what you’re up to?

Whose Reality Is It Anyway?

Pick up any magazine in the checkout line at your local store and it’s nearly impossible not to see one of the Kardashian’s featured.

If you are friends with Paris Hilton, make a sex tape with your boyfriend; you too can drag your whole family into and glamorous lights of Hollywood reality TV.

The list of Current Reality Shows is much too long to publish in this short blog. Suffice to say, there are a lot of them.

Everything from “Duck Dynasty” to Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” What’s next, “The Real Housewives of Three Forks?”

Is Reality Really Reality?

Are our own lives so boring and mundane that we must live vicariously through others? Even the most dedicated TV watcher knows that many of these “episodes” are scripted setups.

The crocodile tears, the yelling and screaming, the backstabbing, lying, cheating, horrible people we just love to watch.

Spoiled little rich brats who have way more than they need and flaunt their fame and fortune before us for 60 minutes each week and we love it.

We especially love it if they are taken down a peg or two by some servant, or someone of lower station. That we always tune in to see.

Do any of us really know anyone like these people? I mean really?

It’s like passing a car wreck on the freeway. We have to slow down and mentally ask, “How bad is this?”

Why would anyone go on TV to be ridiculed by millions of viewers? I guess it’s like running for president. However bad your life is TV will happily make it much worse for big ratings.

It’s not amazing to me that there is a “Jerry Springer Show.” What’s amazing is that people actually show up to be on it.

If you want to make big bucks come up with the next big reality show.

Some Final Thoughts

I guess a weekly radio show is somewhat of a reality show. And as my wife often points out I probably share more personal stuff than I should.

Maybe somewhere in my deepest recesses I’m a candidate for Jerry Springer.

What do you think?? Comments below.

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