There are high hopes for this new location, and many locals are excited to see what the finished product will look. 

Bridger Brewing is a staple of the Bozeman community, and offers not only delicious beers but has tasty pizza as well. A few years ago, Bridger Brewing announced that they would be building a new location and production facility in Three Forks off of the Highway 287 exit to Helena.

The last time we spoke about this location was back in the summer of 2021, and the update with the amphitheater. Well, we have an update on Bridger Brewing's new locale, and we might see it open soon! 

Right now, the new Bridger Brewing's slated to open in Spring of 2022, just in time before all the fun summer activities are underway. At this spot, you will be able to grab a six-pack o your favorite Bridger Brewing beer before you hit the river or mountains. Plus, their taproom will include a full menu, and we aren't just talking pizza either, Bridger Brewing plans on having an expanded menu. 

Credit: Bridger Brewing via Facebook

We are incredibly excited to see the development of Bridger Brewin's new location come along so fast. Bridger Brewing is setting itself up to be a destination for travelers coming from all directions. Plus, when the amphitheater is finished for concerts, it will be the perfect concert venue during the summer. 

We will keep our eye on Bridger Brewing's Facebook for more updates but if you need a smooth craft beer and fantastic pizza, check out Bridger Brewing up on the Montana State Campus. 

For more details, check out Bridger Brewing

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