Why do we do the things we do? We smoke, drink and eat to excess, don’t exercise, and take drugs for the slightest ailment.

We truly are our own worst enemy. Why do we do that?

How Did We Get Here?

Ever since we discovered fire it’s been all down hill since then.

A well-done steak supposedly causes cancer. We artificially control our environment with heat and air conditioning.

No wonder we’re sick as dogs every other week.

We barely move under our own power. We drive to work, take the elevator, and then sit all day in our ergonomically designed chairs.

Computers have screen savers but humans don’t have brain savers. What was God thinking?

Remote control? Absolutely. Microwave? Who wants to wait for food to cook?

We buy Nike’s but we don’t run.

We buy swimsuits to sit under an umbrella staring at our Kindles all day long. Heaven forbid we might force ourselves to swim a lap or two.

We obsess about losing weight while sitting in the drive thru ordering a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, supersized fries, and a diet Coke.

Our blood work looks like our rollercoaster stock market. We have cold sweats, hot flashes, high blood pressure, and low testosterone.

When the doctor sees us he or she starts planning for a much better retirement.

Technology Might Be Worse Than Fire

Teenagers today will have fried brains by retirement age from literally wearing a cell phone on their face all day long.

Instead of sex change operations tomorrow’s youth will probably opt in for a BlueTooth implant. Constant communications with everyone everywhere much like the Borg’s on Star-Trek.

Am I really going to drive that far, or drink that slowly, that I need heated cup holders? I notice no one has come up with the answer to keeping your diet coke cold while you finish your Double Quarter Pounder and Fries.

Shouldn’t the car be the obvious place for a microwave or a Keurig? Or cooling cup holders? Mini-fridge?

Some Final Thoughts

The big news of the day is driverless cars. Now we can get more sleep on the way to work. I guess the streets will be much more attractive without all the speed limit signs and no stoplights.

Maybe technology isn’t so bad after all.

But for the love of God would someone PLEASE come up with a faster microwave?

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