What a headline. What an ego. What a jerk. Maybe that's what some of you are thinking. I hope not. I was talking to a friend and the subject of movies and actors came up. To me doing "Dominick in the Morning" weekdays from 6 to 9 a.m. is something I am very proud of. I even brag about it. But, she said, "Maybe your listeners would be interested in the fact that before you did talk radio you were an actor, producer, director."

Hanging with Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. and Jim Carey was fun, but that was Dominick "the actor," which I liked, but I really love radio more.

I think people who are into talk radio and politics would like the fact I once had dinner with President Ronald Reagan and Nancy.

I guess starring in a major Paramount picture might be interesting? Would people really clink on this to see me get killed in a movie?

I mean, spending time with Clint Eastwood was cool, but I am in talk radio now. So I guest starred on NBC's "Night Court" That was years ago, would they really click here to see it?

No, the past is the past. I am happy I gave up Hollywood and went into radio. On radio I can make people laugh and wake them up to what's happening in Montana every day. I really don't have much to say about living in Hollywood except maybe I met great people and some of the most evil people in the world.

Montana is my home, I would never go back to California. So I starred in the CBS sitcom "The Pop Corn Kid"   I mean, I had hair in those days would they click here to see me on an old tv show?

I'm not a star. Jim Carey is a star. I really liked working with him. Maybe seeing us act together might be cool if they clicked here.

No, it's my ego talking. I don't need to brag about my showbiz career. I am not a movie star, maybe a radio star, and definitely NOT the biggest star in Bozeman.

Dominick (Just kidding)




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