So this week on Dominick in the Morning, I hit on a subject I feel strongly about but most people feel uncomfortable talking about. The subject: taking action.

When should you speak up and when do you say nothing?

As a kid, I remember watching a news story about these monks that hated violence so much they would kill themselves. Yeah, sounds strange but that's what they did. On the news program, the monk sat on the sidewalk, I think he was in-front of the White House, poured gas all over himself and then lit a match. The monk burned to death right on camera.

I think he screamed, but I don't really remember. What bothered me is no one did anything to stop him. It's his life. If he wants... No, when someone has a mental problem, isn't our duty to stop them from doing something crazy?

Why did the cameraman just sit there and film this? As a human, shouldn't you put down the camera and stop the monk?

That's not a journalist's job. As a human being, should we at least try to talk the guy out of it?

That's one of the nice things about being a conservative. I will tell you what is right and wrong. The liberal view that says, "Who are you to judge to me?" is sort of anti-human.

I can easily say killing yourself is wrong. Let's stop the monk.

A woman says she wants to be blind. She says she is a blind person in the body of a sighted person. Do we stop her from blinding herself? Do we even demand that a doctor not help her blind herself?

Well, the fact is that did happen a women who, I say, has a mental illness and got a doctor to blind her. The reason was because she said she was a blind person living in a sighted person's body. I watched the now-blind woman tell the documentary maker she was now happy.

As humans, shouldn't we speak up when someone has a mental heath problem like this? When do you think you should take action?

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