The jury is back. If there was ever a question that negative is the way to go all we have to do is look at the current and recent elections in Montana.

Forget the issues that real people care about. That’s as boring as watching paint dry or waiting for the water to boil.

My Two Rules Of Advertising

It matters little what the product is. My two rules work for all products and services including political parties and political candidates.

Rule One: Never advertise anywhere unless there is at least a 75 percent expectation that the ad will reach the right people.

Rule Two: When emotion and logic come into conflict — EMOTION always WINS!

The more my ads infuriate you the better it is for me. If I can get you mad enough you’ll end up at the polls.

It’s not a matter of voting for someone — it’s more a matter of who are you voting against.

Look at the last presidential election. Two dearly beloved candidates that both want the best for America? Are you kidding me?

If there was ever an election based on voters being against a candidate it was that one.

Some Final Thoughts

In less than two weeks we are again being asked to choose between two amateurs to speak for us in Washington. Neither has held even dog catcher within the political system.

So when there’s no political track record then out comes the negative. How negative do you have to be?

Just negative enough to win.

We will have a winner. Stay tuned.

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