Tomorrow is the 120th Brawl of the Wild and in the spirit of the big game and to celebrate the rivalry between the two schools and cities, I thought I would ask a question.

Which city has the worst drivers?

Now in fairness, I've lived in both cities and if I'm being totally honest, I didn't see a whole lot of difference in the skill of the drivers.  I will say that we have a lot more tourists here in Bozeman, so the tourist season will see an increase in drivers that result in cuss words, horn honking, and middle fingers. In my opinion, Bozeman is easier to drive in, while Missoula is a little more tricky to navigate around because of the layout of the city.

However, there is some data that suggests that possibly, maybe Missoula drivers are worse than Bozeman drivers.

KBZK here in Bozeman did a story on traffic accidents in the city and according to their information, there were 1260 accidents in Bozeman last year.  This year, it's a little higher and is projected to reach 1400 accidents.

Downtown Bozeman via Facebook
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

So, how does Missoula compare to that? According to the City of Missoula website, the Missoula Police Department responds to about 1800 traffic accidents per year or almost 5 a day.

Missoula has a larger population than Bozeman so when you compare those numbers, it would make sense that Missoula has more accidents, but Bozeman has more traffic because of all of the tourists.


So what do you think?  Which city has the worst drivers?  Bozeman? Missoula? I realize that there are loyalties at stake here, but I'm curious as to what you think.  Feel free to answer the question below

Credit: City of Missoula, KZBK

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