I will start with this. Is this a JOKE? There is absolutely NO WAY I would allow my kid to "participate" in this sex life survey.

Recently an article came out regarding a "sex survey" that was accidentally sent to over 180 students in a Virginia School. You can find the article HERE.

First off, I absolutely do not think that it is the school's job to educate about sex. A long time ago we made it appropriate for classes to teach about menstruation, pregnancy, sexual intercourse, etc. Let's be real for a moment, all kids mature at different levels and I will say right now, having a child watch a child being born is unnecessary and then what, they go to math class right after?

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Second off, why are we having the school "teach" such intimate and personal things anyway? This is part of being a parent, having "the talk". Why...WHY would I want another adult talking about intercourse with MY child. Too tough to talk about at home? Well, GET TOUGHER.

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Third, and lastly, some kids have never even heard of the terms on that Virginia Survey. I met a woman in downtown Bozeman, a couple of weeks back, who had told me about her granddaughter (a CA resident, age 13) who had a teacher talking about most of the things that were stated in the Virginia Survey. The granddaughter went home crying of embarrassment because she had no clue about most of it.

Yes I know you can "opt-out" of some of these classes/survey's/etc, the fact is, if the health department wants to do a survey to find out gender statistics, I don't think it should be conducted IN school.

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