Though the film isn't hitting screens during the four-quadrant friendly summer season, there was concern that 'A Good Day to Die Hard' might stay with the PG-13 rating of its predecessor. But there's no "Yipee-kay-yay, Mister Falcon" for this John McClane, as it turns out the film is R-rated.

This comes from Collider, and there are ways in which this is good news and possibly bad news. The good is that Bruce Willis and his character John McClane have a catch-phrase that involves the twelve letter curse that rhymes with "brother ducker" and when the earlier films have been shown on broadcast television (or made PG-13 like 'Live Free or Die Hard') that phrase has either been covered up with noise or changed into something stupid. On top of which, the 'Die Hard' films are big action movies and it's always good to see that when people get shot in these films, they bleed (bloodless death is often the workaround for PG-13 ratings).

The question is if the film was always intended to be R rated, if so, then f--- yes, this is good news. If not we could get a bunch of late addition CGI squibs that both helped and hurt 'The Expendables' movies. And -- if it is a late decision -- it means that that "Yipee-Kay-Yay" line might be delivered off screen. The other problem is that studios rarely intentionally make R rated movies any more, so perhaps making this one a bit bloodier was done because red meat is the only thing that might make people enjoy the film. We'll know for sure when 'A Good Day to Die Hard' hits theaters February 14.

And if you've never heard of Mister Falcon, watch this:

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