The title is a line from one of the “Die Hard” movies starring Bruce Willis. A computer hacker has disrupted transportation, brought down the stock market and is in the process of shutting off all utilities.

After taking control of all TV channels the words are typed on the screen to induce panic among the populous. “What if you were all alone and there was not help?”

It’s something to think about.

What Would You Do?

What would you do if there were no help? How many days might you last on the food and water you have on hand? Sad to say most of us are not prepared for any real emergency — natural or otherwise.

We are so confident of our energy providers that power or water outages, even in our harsh climate, are usually short lived.

The Technology Age

Whether we like it or not computers run our world. Almost everything that we encounter in our daily lives has a computer somewhere in the production or delivery of that product or service.

There are almost daily stories about hackers invading computer systems from government to retail hubs. Most are just stealing information to sell to the highest bidder.

But there are others who would like to send us all back to the Stone Age where the fastest form of communication would be “snail mail.”

Your bank would be pretty well out of business without computers, all hospitals and medical providers, even mechanics would not be able to repair your car with a bunch of “Silly Cone Die Owed's.” A term from the movie “War Games.” Another movie where a computer tries to start World War III.

Some Final Thoughts

What’s the Boy Scout motto, — “Be Prepared?” But how many of us really are? How much of your life is computerized? Do you know?

What if your bank had no idea how much was in your account? Or even that you had an account? Could you prove you own your home without someone typing your name into some program?

Technology is a double-edged sword. Making our lives better in so many ways yet causing a lot of destruction as well.

Have you had your identity stolen? Could you prove who you are without an electronic record to back you up?

The next time you swipe your credit or debit card through the reader just think of how far we’ve come in a hundred years.

People back then had to use really money to buy things. You can be flat broke and buy lots of stuff.

Paying the money back might be in issue but you can worry about that next month when the bill shows up or the entire communication of the United States shuts down.

Are you prepared??

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