On Saturday June 30, Jennifer Bordy will guest on Open for Business for our yearly Supreme Court Wrap Up Show.

Listen live online or tune in at 11am Mountain Time this Saturday.

As the Supreme Court winds down its 2018 decisions there were many unexpected surprises and here are just a few we’ll cover in detail on Saturday’s show.

Surprise One: Justice Kennedy deciding to retire right before the mid-term elections. What does his retirement announcement mean and what about its timing?

The court goes back into session in October so unless a new justice is confirmed by the Senate and sworn in then we could have another group of 4-4 decisions as we did before Justice Gorsuch was added to the court.

Although Kennedy didn’t like the idea that he was considered a swing vote it’s hard not to hang that description around his neck.

Thanks to Kennedy you have legal abortion, but he didn’t care too much for Obamacare.

Surprise Two: Apparently, according to the supreme court, you don’t have to bake a cake for a gay wedding. The court upheld the right of the baker to not have his religious beliefs kicked to the curb.

Surprise Three: The court upheld a third version of the Trump Travel Ban on those coming from Middle Eastern countries.

Surprise Four: Workers are no longer forced to join a union or pay fees to cover union costs for collective bargaining.

Some Final Thoughts

With the exception of Kennedy’s retirement all of these issues have been through various levels of the US court system. But this is the first time that these three have all made it the top at the same time.

How all this will shake out in the coming months is anyone’s guess. But it sure did chase the Red Hen and Maxine Waters off the front pages. How do you feel about these decisions? Comments below.

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