This is always one of my most difficult decisions to make every single year and I still have no solid conclusion on what to do.

We all have friends and family that get married at various times of the year and there is one thing that I always worry about above if I am bringing a plus one or what I am wearing. The real thing I worry about is what would should I buy as a wedding gift for the future married couple and I go back and forth on several options.

For the easy route, you can always go to the wedding registry. The couple knows what they want and are giving you easy options to choose online and it makes life super easy. There are usually gifts ranging from reasonable prices to big spender types of items. I think it all depends on how deep your friendship or relationship is with the people getting married on how much you spend.

Photo by Yomex Owo via Unsplash
Photo by Yomex Owo via Unsplash

Then again, you could do what my parents always do for wedding gifts and go with a simple gift card. What kind of gift card you might ask? Well maybe to a place where they have their wedding registry(Target, Kohls, etc.) or if they have a house and love doing home improvement projects then a gift card to places like Home Depot, Lowe's, or a local hardware store makes more sense.

The final gift choice is something you think they will enjoy. If you are close friends with the folks getting married you might get them something sentimental and memorable but those can be tough to figure out as well.

See, it's a tough decision to figure out. I prefer to go the registry route to be honest because that is stuff they want and will use, that is the best choice. Or am I wrong?

Let me know.

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