She's 18 years old, a senior at Billings Senior High School, and she's running for the Montana Legislature. Mallerie Stromswold is running as a Republican in House District 50, challenging the self-described "Democrat Socialist" who currently holds the seat.

Economics aside, Stromswold said one of the main reasons she decided to run was because her opponent voted against legislation to combat human trafficking.

Here's how she describes her focus if elected to the Montana Legislature:

During the 2021 session, she is looking to focus on the rising issue of human trafficking, preserving public land access, education, and ensuring economic freedom stays intact. Taking wealth from one destroys wealth for all. Together, Montana needs to ensure we have a liveable climate for big and small businesses to succeed.


We talked with her about her decision to run, why so many young people may be identifying with the socialist movement, and what she tells people who think she is too young to serve in the legislature. Check out the full audio below:


Credit Mallerie Stromswold
Credit Mallerie Stromswold

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