40 year-old Steven Harmon is in the Missoula County Jail charged with felony assault with a weapon, after allegedly threatening another man with a knife and also to slit his former wife's throat.

Court documents indicate that Harmon was living in an RV on the victim's property, when an altercation broke out and Harmon allegedly threatened the man with a knife. The defendant stated that he was going to kill his ex-wife who was in the house and slit her throat. The victim attempted to stop Harmon by drawing a firearm and threatening to shoot him. When both men put away their weapons, they began to fight. The former wife said Harmon had been unpredictable and violent lately and she was in fear for her safety.

At one point, Harmon said to the arresting officer, "I don't care, just shoot me in the head."

At Harmon's justice court appearance, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke asked Judge Karen Orzech for $15,000 bail.

"He allegedly threatened to kill his ex-wife who was in the house, saying specifically that he was going to slit her throat," Koepke said. "The defendant was convicted of criminal endangerment in 2002 and received a three year deferred sentence. He also has a pending theft case before this court. We're asking for standard conditions including GPS monitoring."

Judge Orzech set Harmon's bail at $15,000. His next court appearance will be June 28.