HOUR ONE: GUEST: Mike McCormick, McCormick Financial Advisors. In the first half hour Tom and Shane reviewed the Pittsburgh shooting as the news was coming in. And Shane has an idea on what to do with the mob of undocumented aliens headed to our southern border by caravan. Mike McCormick joined the conversation in the second half hour and we asked Mike how he’d advise the Mega Millions Lottery winner on what to do with the cash.

HOUR TWO: Mike explains why the markets are on the roller coaster that they are. Debt was also a hot topic during this hour and texters and callers wanted opinions about our national debt and what to do about it. The upcoming initiatives on the November ballot.

HOUR THREE: More on the debt and markets in hour three. Artificial intelligence (A-I) will replace people. How many jobs will be lost to automation? Where will the future jobs be. How will Amazon moving its employees to $15 per hour affect the payroll numbers? A Facebook suit from a local listener and Shane’s weekly wrap up report.

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