I'm fully aware that not everyone will agree with my opinion on this one, and that's fine.  So, I figured I would give everyone an opportunity to voice theirs as well.

On Sunday evening, one man shot another man at Wal-Mart in Bozeman. According to reports, there was some sort of altercation between the two, which resulted in a gun being pulled and fired inside the store and the victim of the shooting being treated for injuries that were described as critical.

First, I can't even imagine being in the store shopping with my family, and all of the sudden there are gunshots.  We've certainly seen an abundance of coverage regarding shootings and gun violence across the country, but this one is different.  This is Bozeman; we certainly don't think things like that happen here, do we?

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So let me ask you this: in light of what happened on Sunday night, are you more likely to carry a weapon?  There is a ton of debate happening right now about banning guns, however, the argument is and will continue to be if you ban guns, bad guys will still have guns. So the only folks that would be affected by such a ban are the law-abiding citizens.

photo of a fresh crime scene

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Personally, I have no issue with folks that are trained to carry weapons having weapons in public places—in fact, I'd prefer it. I would think that someone would be less likely to commit a violent crime against someone else if they thought the other person might have a weapon.

What do you think? With the recent shooting here in Bozeman, are you more or less likely to carry a weapon? I'm curious as to what your opinion is, so be sure to vote in our poll.

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