Some people think buying a lottery ticket is a waste of money, but if you won, you could be making Montana history. 

The lottery is something that many in America have played. Think about it, you could win millions of dollars and change your life overnight. Who wouldn't want that? Well, unfortunately, the lottery and Montana don't have a deep history. 

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As of right now, the Mega Millions Jackpot is standing at 660 million dollars. It's one of the highest jackpots in its history. This jackpot has people racing to grocery stores, gas stations, and liquor stores to purchase a few tickets. Can you blame them? That's life-changing money! 

Photo by Alexander Mile via Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Mile via Unsplash

The first Mega Millions drawing was back in 2002, and as of right now, there hasn't been a Mega Millions winner from Montana. The Powerball jackpot, on the other hand, has had four Montanas win their jackpotPowerball's current jackpot is at 119 million dollars. That's a good chunk of change too. 

So if you plan on buying a Mega Millions ticket tomorrow before the next drawing, know that it's a long shot, but you could be making history. 

Photo by Dylan Nolte via Unsplash
Photo by Dylan Nolte via Unsplash

Am I trying to discourage you from buying a Mega Millions ticket? No. I'll be buying one early tomorrow before the drawing, but I'll be realistic and not get my hopes up too much.

If I do win the jackpot, let the good times roll. 

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