Listen below to Tom and Shane as they wrap up the markets for the past couple of weeks.

As we do every week, Tom and Shane take on the markets starting off with the 21st Century Fox deal. Shane reviews the world markets and what that means to your wallet.

The Federal Reserve did raise rates and we discuss the reasons for that. Feds want to raise rates more to unload a lot of debt they’ve been holding since the Great Recession.

Tom suggested that the removal of Dodd-Frank might have made the Fed more comfortable in raising rates.

Commodities were also an issue with the tariff scares still going strong. Soybeans down but still early in the season. Wheat also down slightly.

Very little change in steel and aluminum and Chinese tariffs have had little effect on pork related products.

Venezuela inflation rate tops 13,000 percent.

All in all, things are looking pretty good for our economy as we move into election season.

Unemployment and the workforce participation rate are always an issue.

A caller wanted to know how to debate a friend about tariffs. Shane gave him the argument to use.

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