Before the market wrap up Tom, Shane and City Commissioner Jeff Krauss took listeners calls about deficits, government spending and the tax cuts.

Shane gave all the numbers on stocks, bonds, gold, oil, and other commodities and Tom pointed out that the inflation rate in Venezuela went from 8,900 percent up to 13,379 percent. So you’ll need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a candy bar there.

The markets have been up for 8 straight days adding almost 1,000 points to the Dow.

For the rest of the show the conversation dealt with the mass exodus of taxpayers out of Illinois and New York.

California has decided to add about $10,000 to the cost of new housing by passing a law that all new house must have solar panels.

A new Chic-fil-A restaurant is not welcome in New York City according to Mayor Bill de Blasio who will be boycotting the national franchise.

The upcoming primaries were also a hot topic as Shane believes the Republicans will pick up at least 10 additional seats this November.

He thinks the North Korean talks and the economy will send people to the polls to keep the positive cash flow coming.

Will Testor stay or go? It’s anyone’s guess.

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