On-Air Guests

Wednesday Morning With Mark Allen
This morning we will chat with former Montana Legislator Scott Sales and talk about legislation. We will have with us after 8 the new Bozeman Police Chief Ron Price. And after 9 Kate Reid will join me as well.
Thursday Morning With Mark Allen
In studio a special guest to tell us about the pancake breakfast coming up this Saturday to benefit the Veterans. Also Dr Jahner, and Henry Kreigel all right here.
Wednesday Morning With Mark Allen
Former State of Montana Legislator Scott Sales joins me from 7-8, After 8 it's your city manager Chris Kukulski and then after 9 Bozeman School Superintendent Kirk Miller joins Kate Reid and I. See you on the radio.
Tuesday Morning With Mark Allen
Today Robert Worobec will join me on the phone with our healthy living segment at 740, Jaime Cargill with the Fairgrounds will be here, Mayor Krauss after 830 and Tammy Hall in the house as well.
Monday Morning With Mark Allen
In studio today will be Daryl Schleim Bozeman Chamber CEO, we will have Carl Graham with the Montana Policy Institute and also Tammy Hall is back and checking in today.
Its Finally Friday
Good morning radio family. Coming up this morning, I will look at the news headlines around the country you need to know about. After 7 I will talk with Kris King at the Stafford Animal Shelter.

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