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Stranger Things: Does Netflix Owe This Montana Photographer?
What do you think? Does Netflix need to pay up? I took the poll shortly before noon on Thursday and nearly 65% of those who answered the question, over 13,000 people, seemed to agree with me: Netflix needs to compensate Glasgow, Montana photographer Sean Heavey.
Exclusive: Gen. Michael Flynn on "Montana Talks"
General Michael Flynn had to cancel a rally in Billings, Montana over the weekend due to a family emergency. For those hoping to hear what he had to say- make sure you tune in Tuesday morning, as General Flynn joins us on "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint for an exclusive interview.
Montana-Trained Horse in Saturday's Kentucky Derby
A Montana-trained horse named after the Jamaican Olympic athlete who stopped a live TV interview so he could honor the American national anthem. That's two reasons I will be rooting for Bolt d'Oro at Saturday's Kentucky Derby.
President Trump Coming Back to the Big Sky State
How soon can we we welcome a visit by President Trump back to the Big Sky state? That's the question I threw at Marc Short, who called in to Tuesday's Montana Talks radio show from the White House. He told me this:
President Trump Calls for Tester to Resign
Let's be very clear: Jon Tester is the one who jumped on national TV and made these allegations against Navy Admiral Ronny Jackson on national television. Now, President Donald Trump is calling for Tester to resign.
Tester Blocking President Trump's Nominee
OK. Here's my question when it comes to the new-found scrutiny of Admiral Ronny Jackson, President Trump's choice to become the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs: if this man has this potential baggage that disqualifies him from being the VA Secretary, how in the world did he survive …
Camping with Barbara Bush in Bear Country
As Barbara Bush explained in her memoir, “George decided that we should go camping in Glacier National Park in Montana. I was thrilled as I had never visited a national park. George also decided that we would sleep in a tent in the woods.”
Bakken ND Rig Count Doubles Since April 2016
An online report from OilPrice.com says, “The Bakken crude oil production has started to grow again and is expected to beat in the first half of 2018 its own production record of 1.23 million bpd from December 2014.”