While there are many varied opinions on who President Obama will appoint as the next Supreme Court justice, it remains an undeniable fact the President has the obligation to do so, just as the Senate has the obligation to approve or reject the nominee.

As I am not privy to Oval Office conversations, but have observed politics for the past 40 plus years, I will tell you this President will appoint a conservative centrist to the court.

Why a conservative centrist, when he can stack the highest court in the land to the left? I see three major reasons.

  1. With less than a year in office, Obama is contemplating his legacy. A far left appointment would satisfy the liberal base but would not secure his place in future conversations of greatest Presidents.
  2. In nominating a conservative centrist justice, Obama secures his name in the aforementioned discussion. He will be seen and herald as a visionary, lauded for generations to come as a President that spoke to and for the nation as it existed at the time.
  3. Lastly, and my weakest case: It's the right thing to do. While I have said on this stations social media outlets, I rarely agreed with Justice Scalia. He offered ideas that challenged my own and caused me to think. The greatest act of patriotism is to offer ideals different and often contrary to your own, for nothing more than the betterment of our great nation.

The President should nominate a justice and the Senate should approve or not approve the nominee. Anything else is dereliction of duty on behalf of our elected representatives.