Bozeman resident, world class climber, mountaineer and author - Conrad Anker recently visited the 1450 KMMS-AM Morning Show to discuss the basics of getting started in rock climbing. It's a great sport for the whole family to be a part of and kids pick it right up.

It's rather easy to get into the sport, but first, let's start with the types of climbing. As Conrad explains, "Think about climbing as this tree and the common root of it is gravity and how we play with it."

Let's stick to the low-risk stuff to start out here. A good place to start, before you get out on rock, is a climbing gym such as Spire Climbing Center or Montana Alpine Guides here in Bozeman. And you're going to need some gear.

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    3 basic types of climbing

    • Top Roping: The lowest risk form of climbing. The rope goes from the ground to the top and back down.
    • Lead Climbing: A little more advanced, as you are now placing protection as you ascend the rock face to attach your rope to.
    • Free Solo Climbing: Highest risk, as it is climbing without a rope. If you fall, you're an angel.
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    Entry level stuff

    • Climbing Shoes: Think ballet shoes with high performance rubber on the soles and toes.
    • Climbing Harness: Think of it as the seat belt in your car. It's high quality webbing where the rope connects to your body.
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