Cat toys sure have come a long way. Yarn and stuffed mice are still fun, but the more tech-savvy felines prefer getting their entertainment a whole new way: from an iPad. Cat food maker Friskies has released a new app called ‘You vs. Cat,’ billing it as the first dual-species tablet game to let humans play along with their feline friends.

So how does it work? Kind of like a one-sided air hockey. You flick objects while your cat acts as a goalie, pouncing on the objects to bounce them back. If you get the objects past him, you score 10 points — but if he pounces on them before they ricochet into the goal, he gets the points instead.

In the current world-wide stats, humans are getting roundly beaten (a recent count had cats ahead by almost a thousand points). It’s no consolation for not having opposable thumbs, but it’ll give the cats a little something to brag about over the milk dish.

Check out some photos and a video of the app in action below.


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