According to Google, “sport” is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

The key word in this definition is physical exertion. Most people would easily define activities that involved some form of physical exertion as a sport.

Basketball, football, baseball, or soccer, etc. Chess on the other hand — not so much.

To Sport Or Not To Sport

That is the question. There are many so-called sports that have awards and trophies for certain levels of excellence but fail the smell test of being an actual sport.

I’ve never really thought of NSCAR as a true sport. While there is some exertion, turning the steering wheel to the left and pushing on the gas it’s still hard for me to think of it as a sport.

Motorcycles certainly have more exertion than Indy Car Racing but even that is a little suspect.

There are all sorts of target competitions. Shooting, crossbows, darts, etc. Again, really tough to consider them sports.

Sitting on your couch with a bowl of chips playing video games definitely NOT sports. I realize they all have conventions and competitions that might give it some legitimacy in the eyes of the contestants — but hardly sport. A Guitar Hero competition is not going to compete with the Super Bowl anytime soon.

Some Final Thoughts

There are many things that require skill. When it comes right down to it good handwriting is a skill. Fast typing is a skill.

I think the true definition of a sport involved heavy breathing and contact with something solid. You either make physical contact with an opponent or the ground or floor.

If you bruise or bleed then that’s definitely a sport. If your butt’s sore from sitting it’s not a sport. Where am I wrong on this?

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