I can’t count the number of people that have told me they came to Bozeman on vacation saw the beauty of this valley then decided to move or retire here.

Pretty hard to argue that Bozeman is a beautiful city. At least until fire season rolls around.

My wife commented the other night about what could possibly be left in California to burn? Well it seems like a lot.

At best the Bridger’s are currently an outline. The western and southern mountains are gone covered by a nice grey smoke curtain.

Don’t Visit Bozeman In August

If you’re out there somewhere thinking about visiting Montana this is not the time to come. The views are hidden.

Fires in Canada, Idaho, California, in addition to our own, are doing their yearly part to cover up some of the most majestic views of any US city.

No matter what we do fire season shows up each year in late July or early August and usually lasts until the first big snowfall.

It could be someone throwing a lit cigarette out their car window, to someone not completely dousing their campfire or something as simple as lightning.

Fires start and because of the rough terrain and Federal lands they are very difficult to get to and extinguish.

Some Final Thoughts

I can remember a wall of pollution on the horizon driving home from work in San Diego. Unfortunately, that was every day of the year.

Here at least we don’t have twelve months of fire season, so our skies are clear most of the year.

So, plan your next visit to Montana accordingly. We’d love to see you, we want your money, and we’re a great place to have fun and adventure.

Did I mention we want your money?

Welcome to Smoky Montana.

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