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We’re all in this together. We’re all in pursuit of a happy fulfilling life.

And we all reflect now and then on what could have been if we had just done just a few things differently.

We’ve all had What IF moments. Usually when we’re making serious decisions.

But there are also the wonder moments. I wonder what would happen if…

Those are usually “Hold my beer and watch this…” moments.

They rarely turn out well — or as planned.

So here are a few of my “Wouldn’t it be great if …”

Wouldn’t It Be Great If …

  • Black Lives Matter followed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's lead of peaceful protests and social change?
  • Congress could put their partisan bickering aside and actually work toward serving the people instead of electioneering?
  • Kids could put down the video games and get some fresh air and exercise?
  • TV shows were built around improving society rather than sex and violence?
  • You could drive a nail without a permit?
  • Big bankers actually served time instead of paying fines?
  • Government paperwork was only printed in one language — English?
  • You didn’t have to press anything for English?
  • You could get on an airplane without a strip search?
  • We actually knew how to use our smart phones.
  • Childproof caps on medicine were not also adult proof caps?
  • There was no chance you’d run into your mom in a public bathroom?
  • People actually used turn signals?

Some Final Thoughts

I guess it would be great if some or all of those things came to pass.

In today’s somewhat contentious society one or more readers would probably disagree with at least one or more of my What If’s.

What would you add to my list?

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