Autumn Heinz, the 31 year-old woman who was caught after creating her own ‘meth den’ in the YMCA learning center last April, was sentenced by district judge Robert l. ‘Dusty’ Deschamps on Monday.

Deputy Missoula county attorney James McCubbin represented the state at sentencing that began with determining the proper amount of restitution to the YMCA.

“First, we finished up arguments about restitution owed to the YMCA,” said McCubbin.

“That was finally resolved, with the final figure at just over $460,000 that was ultimately ordered as restitution.”

McCubbin said the state asked that Heinz spend several years in prison, however, judge Deschamps suspended her 20 year sentence for a good reason.

“The State made a recommendation of a net sentence of 15 years in the Department of Corrections with 10 of those years suspended,” he said. “But, what Judge Deschamps did is he gave a net sentence of 20 years in the Department of Corrections with all the time suspended. The length of the sentence will ensure that she at least will hopefully make some significant headway on that restitution, and perhaps get it all paid.”

Heinz was convicted on felony counts of child criminal endangerment through meth exposure, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and criminal mischief.

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