It’s less than six weeks to the dreaded midterm elections. The house and senate will be getting some new members — but who will control each branch is the question?

Montana Senate Race

As I’ve mentioned many times on radio, this race is not between Tester and Rosendale. It’s a race for more additions to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump.

Justice Ginsburg might be just tough enough to hang on two more years until the 2020 elections just to spite the president.

If by chance he’s re-elected, then all bets are off. I doubt she can last another six years which would include the remainder of Trump’s current term.

Will Republicans Show Up?

Recent history says that whoever holds the presidency during the midterms will lose seats in either the house or senate or both.

The Republicans have 8 seats to defend in the senate midterm elections while the Democrats have over 20 to win.

The house might be in danger if Republican voters get complacent and sit on their hands in November.

Many pundits think that will happen. With the good stock market, low unemployment, Republicans might just sit it out because things are so economically good right now.

Democrats on the other hand are driven almost exclusively by emotion and always seem to find an emotional reason to turn out the vote.

What About Kavanaugh?

If Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh doesn’t get the nod from the Senate will that energize the Republican base? Or if he is confirmed will that energize the Democrat base?

It’s certainly a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario.

Some Final Thoughts

If I’ve learned one thing in my many years of watching elections — It’s never over till it’s over.

If you don’t believe that ask Hillary Clinton or Al Gore.

Six weeks is an eternity in politics and many more things can go right or wrong that will influence voters.

All politics are local. Be informed when you step in that voting booth. Your decision could affect more than just you. It could affect your great-great grandchildren too.

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