The bad lip reading videos are now stuff of legend. The gang has now taken on the House of Representatives in a clip that covers just about every member, including Montana's elected officials. Why make fun of just one when you can cover the whole chamber?

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With 1.5 BILLION views on their YouTube content, the Bad Lip Reading crew is a bit mysterious. Their own description indicates just one creator. Is that possible? The hours of work that go into these satirical gems is insane. But their YouTube bio doesn't really tell you anything:

Hello. You are welcome to contact me at the email shown below (and in the channel header). You can also DM me on Instagram or Twitter. I'm around. Thanks for visiting this weird little corner of the internet.

At about the 3:00 mark into the video below, Montana's Matt Rosendale (R) is called upon as "Dead Eyes" and responds appropriately with "the ship's haunted". "Like your face", is the comeback. Comedic perfection.

Rosendale makes another appearance in the video after the role call section, at about 4;33. Not the most flattering, but none of this bad lip reading is meant to be flattering. That's the best part about these things - everyone is up for grabs and nobody is safe from being made fun of.

Ryan Zinke (R) also makes a cameo in this Bad Lip Reading video, at the 6:50 mark. Now I shall always think of him as "Gator". Watch the video, and you'll understand what I mean.


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