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I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about the American Flag. He used the term “flag waver” as negative terminology for someone who is “overly patriotic.”

That got me thinking about those two terms — Overly Patriotic and Flag Waver. How could anyone possibly consider those two terms negatives?

What Does “Flag Waver” Really Mean?

According to the “Urban Dictionary” a flag waver is:

 “A “flag waver” is an overly, misguided patriotic who hangs many flags around the outside of their house, waves them in their hands or attaches them to their vehicles.

Some of these more inbred “Hill Billy,” “Chuckle Head” individuals will even stick a giant flag on a tall pole and attach it to the back of their vehicle so that they can slowly drive around town with the big flag flapping in the wind for all to see.

These “people?” get easily excited and would be the first to verbally send you off to some unjust war to rape and pillage some far away country.”

How Would Flag Waver and Overly Patriotic Fly With The Founders?

To claim that current American’s have evolved into whinny, dependent, wimps would be an understatement. We take all our freedoms for granted.

We have free speech and abuse it; we have constitutional protections and ignore them if they don’t fit our “politically correct” mindset.

Our founders would be rolling in their graves to witness the total disrespect for all the sacrifices that have been made over the past two centuries to provide the freedoms we all enjoy.

The message of “the world owes me a living” crowd seems to be resonating with a larger segment of the population. While personal responsibility for ones own accomplishments are no longer the benchmark of the American Dream.

Our current bootstraps have Uncle Sam’s fingerprints all over them.  What began as “safety nets” for those facing life’s challenges, have slowly evolved into “hammocks” for our rapidly growing society of dependency .

Some Final Thoughts

I guess if you are unable to wave your personal flag it gets difficult to wave the American flag. If you feel you’ve missed the brass ring then you’ve missed what flag waving is all about.

When those 56 men signed the Declaration they knew there would be no guarantees. All they promised you was an environment where you could excel regardless of your station in life, your wealth, and by your own efforts.

Millions died to protect that promise. No one died to guarantee you a life of government motherhood and cradle to grave entitlements.

Weather permitting I hang a flag outside the front door every morning. Wave it — you bet I will. I won life’s lottery. I was born in the USA. And not a day goes by that I am not thankful for that accident of birth.

If you don’t want to wave the flag fine, pass it to me — I’ll be happy to wave it for you.