In November we will step into the voting booth and cast our vote for the next President of the United States.

In four years we will be doing it again. Since the current president is term limited out we are going to have to select from a new slate of nominees.

The Most Important Election of YOUR Life

Notice I said YOUR life — not my life. At my age it really doesn’t matter too much who’s elected.

My first president was FDR. After 13 of these guys I think I can weather whatever any new president can throw at me.

But you need to think long and hard about the ramifications of your vote because this vote will affect an entire generation of Americans.

Yes, I’m talking about 100 years to undo what could take place in the next four years depending on your vote.

The Supreme Court

With the death of Antonin Scalia there is a clear conservative vacancy on the high court.

I hate it that I have to write that some justices are liberal and others are conservative but that’s the way the law is interpreted by differing ideologies on the bench. Nothing any of us can do about that.

What we don’t want is the court stacked in favor or one ideology over another.

Before the death of Scalia the court was considered to contain four liberals, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Breyer, and Kagan.

The four conservatives consisted of Thomas, Alito, Scalia and Roberts with Anthony Kennedy being the so-called swing vote.

The next justices that will step down either by retirement or death will be Breyer at age 77, Kennedy who will soon turn 80, Ginsburg at 83 and in questionable health.

Next are Justices Clarence Thomas at 67, and Samuel Alito at 65.

Over the next four years these folks are not going to get any younger. So the next president will probably have an opportunity to replace two to four justices and the possible laws they rule on could change the fabric of our society for a generation.

If you were for or against Roe v. Wade, gay marriage, Citizens United, gun laws, Obamacare, then whoever is elected to the US Senate is critically important in the next election.

Some Final Thoughts

Most people think their vote doesn’t count. Well as far as your state senator goes estimating the value of that vote is off the charts valuable.

Your senators will either confirm or reject the next two to four justices during their upcoming six years of service.

It really doesn’t matter who the president puts up for confirmation.

What counts is the political ideology of the nominee and the amount of good or damage that person can do before leaving the court in 20 to 30 years.

And who your senators agree with.

Liberal or conservative matters little in a president. The president can keep nominating potential justices until the cows come home.

But it can affect generations when it’s time for the senate to appoint the next four justices.

Since Supreme Court justices are appointed for life you are stuck once that confirmation stands.

There is a lot more at stake in this election than just a president. There is an opportunity to affirm or reject whichever America fits you.

No matter which way you vote this could very well be the most important vote in your life.

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