It's easy to assume Wyoming doesn't have a lot going on simply because it's the least populated state in the country. You'd be wrong, of course, though the people that live there seem to be just fine with that misconception.

Watching their neighbor to the north (Montana) become an overpriced playground for the rich, Wyoming seems fine to fly under the radar a bit, remain chock full of natural resources, and (reasonably) a-hole free. That's a rare position to be in in this day and age. Wyoming has somehow remained gorgeous yet reasonably untouched by gross outside invasion. The last actual secret.

More than just stunning views...the cost of living, the jobs, the numerous ways to get outside and be healthy all make Wyoming a great place to

Other than the 2nd homes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming has been spared the "American West Gotta Move There Development Craze". For better or worse economically, long-time residents seem to be perfectly okay avoiding the rapid influx. Let's be honest: Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming...Montana likes to 'claim' it simply due to entrance math, but only a fraction of the park lies within Montana.

Wyoming is the 10th largest state by land area, and the least populated. Wyoming's state flag is one of the coolest with a big American bison on it. Wyoming was the first state to have a female governor. PLUS, Wyoming is the home of Taco Johns!


Winters in Wyoming are notoriously long and cold. Working outside in the elements takes a special kind of person. Ask anyone who has worked on a ranch, in the oil fields, or has involvement in erecting wind turbines. Snow can start falling in September and not let up until May (Montana has that problem too, but the windy plains of Wyoming seem to make winter a bit harsher.)

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