About once a month the wife and I go all out for a Sunday morning breakfast. We might have fritters with bacon or sausage or some exotic way to prepare eggs and potatoes or omelets.

The point is to prepare things that go together and complement each other. For obvious reasons we don’t have broccoli with bacon.

Although I’m sure there are some early morning jogging types that are licking their lips right now at the thought. Without the bacon of course.

Eating Healthy or Just Eating

Looking on my grocery shelf I see Coke, I see Vanilla Coke, and I see Cherry Coke. It’s no secret that artificial flavors show up in a lot of our foods.

They make cheeseburger flavored potato chips.

So why can’t some enterprising company like Libby’s or Green Giant come up with broccoli that tastes like bacon?

Sales would skyrocket in my opinion. The health nuts could finally break the rules with no adverse effects.

It seems like a no brainer to me. I would pig out on healthy things like kale, turnips, okra, or asparagus if they tasted more like Oreo cookies.

Imagine going home and opening your box of broccoli thinking there would be twelve flowerets and finding a baker’s dozen of 13 and they all tasted like doughnuts?

You could eat the whole box without feeling guilty and the scale would still be your friend.

Take A Lesson From Mary Poppins

It’s time the food industry started working in a new direction. How many foods do you know that are coated with cheese just to make then go down easier like the spoonful of sugar in Mary Poppins?

Broccoli doughnuts would definitely hit the spot. Bacon turnips might eventually be a staple on every table.

I’m sure this is not as hard as it sounds. You’re talking about a country that put a man on the moon. Are you telling me we can’t make broccoli taste like bacon or doughnuts?

Some Final Thoughts

Don’t make me loose faith in American ingenuity.

A letter writing campaign’s in order. We need to eat healthy and this is the easiest and more obvious way to do it.

I’m drafting my letter to the big companies as we speak. I hope you’ll do the same.

We can all make American Food Great Again with just a little prodding in the right places.

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