What if broccoli tasted like doughnuts? I would be a lot healthier. Why don’t they make potato chips that taste like apples? They make potato chips that taste like a cheeseburger.

Could it be they just didn’t test well in focus groups? They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. What will a bag of chips do?

If there’s a food famine wouldn’t you want to be one of the last people to starve?

The Food Pyramid

We’ve all seen the food pyramid right? Every doctor’s office seems to have one hidden somewhere.

Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, dairy, and some other acquired tastes. So healthy you want to eat the chart.

Just looking at it gives me cold chills. Where’s the side of the bacon and the chocolate milk shake for God’s sake?

Surely there’s some goodness in those tasty treats? I mean there are meat and dairy and chocolate. All are supposed to be good for you.

I wonder how a bacon, chocolate, cheeseburger would test?

Is 20 Sit Ups That Hard?

Every morning I do 20 sit-ups. Yeah, — in my dreams. Whenever I get the urge to exercise I lay down and it eventually goes away.

But yet — I know those 20 sit-ups or pushups would be good for me. Jogging would be good for me. Why don’t I do those things?

If only they didn’t take so much effort I’d be all over them. Could shooting pool be classified as exercise? Bowling?

I mean there is walking, bending and lifting.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m not that adverse to exercise and eating right. I really don’t like hard candy if that counts. I do like most things — with mayonnaise and cheese.

However, sugar and flour seem to be a magnet for me. I don’t have them every day. Sometimes I don’t have them every week. A month is probably a stretch.

When I step on the scale I think two things. One, that can’t possibly be accurate and two, I better get off this before I break it.

Anything you ignore that’s good for you?

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