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While there are plenty of Montana and Bozeman natives we still have a lot of people coming from elsewhere who want to make their home here.

Most move here from places inside Montana. There isn’t a wave of Californians banging on the gates.

Aside from the fact it’s The Last Best Place on Earth why do people decide to make it their official new hometown?

How I Found Bozeman

I came to Bozeman in 1993 because I had a job offer here. How that happened is a long story for another blog.

Coming up from Southern California, and looking at this place I’d never seen before, with tons of snow, avalanches, subzero temperatures, almost certain death by bears, snakes or mountain lions — I instantly fell in love with it.

I was convinced that certain death was an acceptable trade off.

The mountains, the city, the people, — what’s not to like?

The Lure Of Bozeman

Most people I talk to say that their first experience with Bozeman was a trip to Yellowstone Park and the pull of this town was just too strong to ignore when the time came to make a change.

Bozeman's Price Tag

Bozeman’s not an inexpensive place to live. If you’re looking to live on $15/hr. this might not be your ideal move.

With two income earners, and not doing much else, you might expect a Spartan existence. Think living like a monk.

But if Bozeman is out of your price range not to worry — Livingston, Belgrade, Manhattan, Three Forks, or Gallatin Gateway await you.

Some Final Thoughts

A college town, low crime rate, and weather not nearly as bad as advertised, great hunting and fishing, — it’s hard to imagine so many great things in one place.

But here they all are. And if you’re lucky enough to live here you know what I mean.

The Last Best Place on Earth isn’t just lip service. To us it’s our Mecca or a mile high paradise in a beautiful valley.

If you’ve never been here check it out and spend some money. If you’re thinking of moving here, spring is just around the corner.

All we ask is for you to conform to us; not the other way around. We were here first — OK second.

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