If I had implemented all the great ideas that came to me in the shower I’d probably be a multi-billionaire by now.

I’ve always wondered how or why this few minutes a day is such an inspiring time in our lives.

There is even an unsubstantiated rumor that FDR thought of the name “League of Nations” as the forerunner to the present UN while in the shower.

The Clean Mind

I personally think the shower is the one place during the day that we clear our minds of everything that’s bugging us.

Maybe all the thoughts that concern us are somehow washed away when the water hits us and new thoughts pour in our brains like the cascading water covering our bodies.

I wonder what Edison, Gandhi, Henry Ford, or John D. Rockefeller thought of in the shower?

Many people sing in the shower. Did Lennon and McCartney come up with great melodies or lyrics in the shower?

What about Hemingway, Tolstoy, and Melville? Did they have eureka moments in the shower?

Did Steve Jobs sing 60s classics or do computer code in his head?

Did Bill Gates think about ways to make the computer totally exasperating to the rest of world?

Political Showers

Does Bernie Sanders think about water conservation? Perhaps sharing his shower with those less fortunate?

Or wondering how long the rich stand in the shower?

Does Donald Trump think about shower design ideas for hotels and resorts? Redoing the White House bathrooms? Not getting his hair wet?

I’m at a loss to imagine what Hillary Clinton might be thinking.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m convinced that all miracles of the 20th century would not be possible without the invention of the shower.

While Greeks and Romans are the first to use showers, William Feetham, a stove maker from London was awarded the first patent for a shower in 1767.

It was a handy-dandy hand pump model.

So tomorrow morning when you hop in the shower please appreciate what’s taking place. Who knows — you might come up with the next great idea.

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