(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

How much is too much? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I hear this repeated  ad nauseam from all the TV talking heads.

Someone else has it better than me. It’s so unfair. Someone needs to force the rich to share more of their stuff with me.

Who’s Responsible For Your Economics?

You’re a billionaire; you’re working for minimum wage. What’s the difference?

How did the billionaire get to be the billionaire and how did the minimum wage worker find him or herself making minimum wage.

Was the rich person just lucky? Was the poor person unlucky? A small percentage of the wealthy do inherit their wealth — about 30%.

The other seventy percent made it on their own hard work and work ethic.

Most Of Us Are Taxed To The Breaking Point

April 15th is rushing toward us at breakneck speed. The tax checks we have to write to the federal government. What happens to the majority of that money?

A sizable portion, about 14%, of all tax collections, are given outright to someone else whom the government determines is more deserving than you of your hard earned money.

Where Are The Incentives?

There seem to be plenty of safety nets in the American social system. One hundred twenty six poverty programs at last count.

There have never been less than 100 in the past decade.

But where are the incentives to get off poverty? What, if any, responsibilities are placed on those receiving these income distributions?

When congress voted to cap welfare payments unemployment dropped drastically.

Instead of 3rd generations of people sitting home collecting monthly payments they were forced to go out and find a job.

Capping welfare was a very effective incentive to get off welfare.

Unemployment Insurance

We all pay into it to give us some income while we find other employment. Rarely are you awarded unemployment for quitting an existing job.

When unemployment was 26 weeks the average worker collecting it found work in 29 weeks.

Unemployment ending was a great incentive to get a job — any job.

Today unemployment is 99 weeks. Nearly two years. Does that make any sense on any level?

Some Final Thoughts

We are slowly creating a society that is becoming addicted to government benefits. If something bad happens to you there is always some kind of program that will provide help.

Nothing wrong with that as long as there is some responsible action required by the recipient of the benefit. And it’s not converted to a permanent lifestyle.

Welfare used to have a work requirement as a condition of receiving benefits but that has pretty much gone by the wayside.

A dependent nation is not a strong nation. A dependent nation would not have produced the most amazing country ever imagined in the history of the world.

A dependent nation is a vulnerable nation. The only person responsible for our current situation is the person looking back at us in the mirror.

Sorry, I’m not responsible for your situation. I’m happy to help you temporarily but the end result of your life lies solely in your hands.

How responsible are you? Comment below.

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