I brought up a question last week regarding why people were not working. It was a question looking for an answer regarding, "is there a bigger issue keeping people home?" So for all of those people who commented on the article, and felt as though I was being blind and insensitive, to the housing issue...my apologies. Hopefully, this follow-up will show you what kind of answers I was looking for. Click HERE for the original article.

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash
Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

I recently wrote an article about the work shortage in Bozeman. The problem is, the article was about the work shortage EVERYWHERE, but some clearly didn't see that part of it. Or even read it in its entirety. Which is fine, I actually enjoy hearing other people's input. I believe it has been stated as "I am rather open-minded" in a few different places.

I wanted to take a few keystrokes and say, "Thank you". Thank you to the reader who explained there is a massive shortage in daycare availability. I have been through this. I have a child, who now is past the age of daycare needs, but I get it. I once lived in a town, much smaller than Bozeman, but overpopulated, and well...no daycare. The daycare that was available was in a 5th wheel and charging a whopping $1000 a week PER KID. So I stayed home and ran my own daycare, charged much less, was licensed by the state, and did this for the teachers, police officers, and a couple of pharmacists. So I get it, I truly do! So THANK YOU to the reader that brought that to my attention. I APPRECIATE YOU.

Thank you to the restaurant servers who let me know they were making decent money, but are working long hours for it. Coming home with around $500+ a week in cash tips. I promised them I would thank you guys, the customers, for making their jobs enjoyable.

Thank you to the readers who said "lots of online jobs and out of state workers working those online jobs", "lots of people started selling things online during the pandemic and now that is how they make their income (etsy, ebay, hand made products, etc.)."

Thank you for helping me understand that this is an issue everywhere and now I have some reasoning for my thought. Also, thank you to the readers that let me know housing is still expensive and what 15x40 was. Got it!

So why is there a work shortage? Daycare, online jobs, outsourcing, and selling handmade products online. Online jobs and working from home became the new norm during the pandemic, and people stuck with it. Have a splendid day!

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