Quite honestly, I believed it would be Hillary Clinton. So did the rest of the country. I still have a hard time believing that Donald Trump even ran let along got elected by such a wide margin.

I guess I should have added Hillary to this list, but I believe that once you lose, your luster no longer shines as brightly.

Most of the Democrat party wishes she would stay home sorting her pants suits.

If Hillary is not going to be the champion of women everywhere who are those who have the best chance of inhabiting the oval office?

Nickki Haley

On the Republican side forty-six-year-old Nikki Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa in Bamberg, South Carolina. Her most recent job was US Ambassador to the United Nations.

She is also a past governor of South Carolina and the second Indian-American to be elected governor. She has the background but can she pull the votes?

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky (above) would have name recognition and could be the first president’s daughter to be elected president. We’ve had fathers and sons elected but no father daughter combo.

Not sure if the Clinton name would be enough for voters. Hillary ran as Hillary not Clinton.

Not sure she could go the distance and Mom's "deplorable" problems may follow her.

Mezvinsky for President. Doesn't exactly ring the bell does it?

Michele Obama

Michele would probably have the best shot if she were to decide to run. The party loves Obama and drinks his Kool-Aid like a Jim Jones cult.

She’s the most popular Democrat party first lady since Jackie Kennedy. Elect her and you get Barack back in the White House. She could have the best shot particularly if Trump is re-elected for a second term.

Oprah Winfrey

If a male billionaire with no political experience other than TV shows can make it to the White House, I suppose Oprah probably could.

Like Trump, Oprah is just a regular gal to her followers. They don’t think of her as having more money than God.

Unfortunately, middle America may not like the first gentleman to be a live-in boyfriend. And while she’s forming her foreign policy the tabloids will probably spend most of their time talking about her fluctuating weight.

Elizabeth Warren

It’s pretty well over for Elizabeth. Doing that blood test was a poor decision on her part much like Dan Quayle trying to spell potato. No chance in this lifetime.

Some Final Thoughts

There are some other honorable mentions I could put up. Mia Love of Utah is a possibility in the future.

Twice elected Mary Fallin and first ever female governor of Oklahoma and Susan Martinez another first female and first Hispanic governor of New Mexico are also possibilities.

Who are your favorites for first female US President?

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