I follow many online forums to find out what other people are interested in and talking about. These folks are much more interesting and honest than the 24/7 news.

Every now and then I’ll run across someone asking for help in finding someone to do what he or she think they are incapable of doing themselves.

What Can’t You Do?

There are things I will not attempt to do even though the outcome would probably be successful. But sometimes the risk is not worth the reward.

I don’t do plumbing, electrical, or mechanical stuff. I used to in my younger days but now, me and electrical gizmo’s, or tools, are no longer a good match.

So What Can You Do?

The question that inspired this blog was a young man who claimed he had a personal experience that he thought would make a great book.

He was looking for advice for a ghostwriter to write the book for him. I suggested he at least try to write the book himself.

Make an outline and answer the, who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.

If this was a personal experience then who would be better at telling the story than the person who experienced it firsthand?

Will trying to tell that experience to someone else make it better in some way? Other than cleaning up some grammar or punctuation — I don’t see the reason for a ghostwriter.

Is J.K. Rowling a writer? Mark Twain? Stephen King?

Not until they actually sat down and put pencil to paper or fingers on the keys.

Following his high school graduation at the age of 15, home-schooled author Christopher Paolini, (above) Livingston, Montana started his work on what would become the novel Eragon.

It became a feature Hollywood film and the first of a four book series set in the mythical land of Alagaesia.

I attended a seminar his parents gave on writing. It inspired me to take a shot at writing my first book.

Some Final Thoughts

I worked with a man in San Diego who changed my life. The business where we worked blew a ceiling light. I suggested we call an electrician.

He suggested we turn off the power open up the light fixture and see what was inside and maybe we could fix it ourselves. And we did.

After that there were very few things that I would not attempt. That single act had eliminated my fear of failure. I would not negative self-talk myself out of at least making the effort when faced with future challenges.

As long as I felt there was a chance of success I had no problem taking it on. What can’t you do today? I suggest you rethink it. You might be more than you think you are.

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