What do you think when you see political demonstrations? Do you side with the demonstrators or the person(s) or cause they are demonstrating against?

Paid Demonstrators

It would seem that organizing demonstrations might be a new home-based business.

Organizing mass groups of people with social media. Professionally printed signs and campaign materials.

And, as we have discovered in recent years, some people are actually paid to be there to act as cheerleaders to incite the unpaid masses.

Demonstration Insurance?

The Republican Convention will be held in Cleveland this year at the end of July. Cleveland has decided to buy demonstration insurance.

Courts have also instituted a system to process demonstrators on a mass scale if necessary.

Because many people are arrested at once the actual charges and necessary paperwork falls through the cracks and most demonstrators might not be charged at all.

So Cleveland will have a streamlined process to make sure that justice is done if things get out of hand.

Who Benefits From Demonstrations?

When you see demonstrations on TV or live what’s your first impression? In the sixties there were many demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

While those demonstrations had little or no effect on bringing that historic event to closure the demonstrations did attract the attention of the rank and file voter.

Personally I prefer that people take the time to make their own creative signs at rallies. That’s a personal expression of how they feel about the cause.

Professionally printed signs always make me think there is some monetary benefit or gain to someone if they are willing to go to that kind of expense for their cause.

How to Demonstrate Correctly

Martin Luther King and Gandhi preached non-violence. Peaceful civil disobedience was the order of their day.

Police and others did not always respond in kind to their efforts but their peaceful conduct swayed public opinion to their side over time.

Today it seems that violence is given free rein.

If I don’t agree with you then physical force might be the first tool used rather than the last.

Some Final Thoughts

I’ve never felt the need to participate in any form of demonstration. I’ve never seen a positive come from smashing car windows and setting businesses on fire.

If you’re unhappy with a situation you have a duty to speak out and share your view with others.

However your right to swing your arms ends at my nose.

Stand with your sign, chant your Hey Hey, Ho Ho, slogan then go home and enjoy the rest of your day.

That’s the correct way to demonstrate.

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